School Enrichment Programs

Parker-Anderson School Enrichment Programs have a significant impact on the lives of unique and talented students. We indulge students in various after-school enrichment activities and programs to help them have fun, stimulate their minds, and teach them new skills. Our motto is “Fun Comes First!" We educate and entertain through hands-on learning and our abundant array of classes. Our programs are offered onsite at schools, camps, recreation centers, and more!

Parker-Anderson offers the most diverse selection of enrichment classes, including:

Kids Cooking Academy!
  • Appetite for Adventure!
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Cooking Around the World!
  • Cool As a Cucumber!
  • Desserts!
  • International Celebrity Master Chef!
  • Kitchen Confidential!
  • Little Italy!
  • Ready, Set, Cook!
  • The “Cool” Kitchen Club!
  • The Ultimate Cookout!
  • Winter Fiesta!
  • And many more!

Not all programs are available in all areas

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Here at Parker-Anderson, students have an opportunity to take part in one of our many art classes after school. In class, students will learn and use different art styles, such as watercolors, clay sculptures, charcoal drawings, recycled materials, and so much more! They will also have an opportunity to learn about artists from different eras such as Monet, Jeffrey Koons, Georgia O’Keeffe, and many more. Here in our art classes, we strive to not only teach about other artists and techniques, but to empower students to become amazing artists themselves!
When it comes to our tech classes, Parker-Anderson is always supplying something fun, engaging, and new for our students. From navigating the world of Minecraft to creating their own video games, students can utilize our after-school classes to reach a new level of technology. Students will learn the basics of block coding, strategy, and teamwork as they explore the realm of technology to learn to use it in fun and exciting new ways. The sky is the limit to what students can create in the virtual worlds with different projects, videos, and games!
When it comes to sports, Parker-Anderson brings competition and fun! Whether it is basketball, where they work on drills, shooting, dribbling, and ball control, the focus always comes back to teamwork. By learning special skills, utilizing stretching, and working on reflexes, we help bring that competitive edge for kids to live a healthier lifestyle, work together with their team, and get some points on the board!
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