Online Classes & Small-Group Enrichment

Our Online Classes are a great way for students to keep socially distant but emotionally and intellectually connected. We bring an integral part of remote learning by providing a lineup of live and interactive classes.

Our Classes in your area:

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Small-Group Enrichment

Plan your child’s afternoon filled with laughter, learning, and small-group bonding! We are pleased to offer 1-hour Small Group Private Enrichment Classes that can be held at your home, church, the park, etc.

In our Private Small-Group Enrichment Classes your child will participate in:

  • Fun and Exciting Lessons each week tailored to their interests
  • A personalized course taught by an experienced instructor
  • Fun Socializing with peers, by our health and safety guidelines

Choose from any of the following exciting themes for Private Small-Group Enrichment Classes:

  • Arts: Anime, Creative Sculpture, and Fine Art!
  • Science: ChemKidz, Marine Biology, and Super Powered Science!
  • TechKidz: Coding, Video Game Design, and Minecraft!
  • Sports & Fitness: Basketball, Soccer, and Dance!
  • Fun & Games: Chess, Jedi Training, and SpyKidz: Secret Agents!
  • Robotics: LEGO Masters and Robot Workshops!
  • Live Animal Classes: Animal Invasion, Wildlife Biology, and Bugs & Creepy Crawlies!
  • And so much more!

Please contact us if you are interested!

Let us bring the fun to you!

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